Property Management

Property Management

Why have your property(s) managed?

One of the reasons to manage your home(s) is convenience. You enjoy your return on investment without having to worry about it any further. Another important reason is the fiscal aspect. If you own several properties and you do not actively work on them, you can benefit from interesting tax advantages when you have your property managed by a professional property manager. We advise you to discuss this with your tax advisor.



What does Property management mean?

Financial / Technical management

This includes all technical matters. 

  • Handling technical calamities
  • Annual indexing of rents
  • Addressing tenants during the rental period
  • Taking care of pre- and final inspection
  • Administration and settlement of incurred costs of service and repair assignments with collected rental fees.
  • Regular architectural inspection of the property. 
  • Drawing up a maintenance plan and budget.
  • Technical reporting of maintenance work.
  • Request maintenance quotes from contractors.
  •  Opstellen van een onderhoudsplan en –begroting.
  •  Technische rapportage van onderhoudswerkzaamheden.
  • Inspection of assigned work and upon delivery

Commercial management

If the rent is terminated, the property will be inspected by Lexis Real Estate. An accurate check to determine whether the house has been left in good condition based on the inspection report drawn up at the time of the check-in (delivery) of the house. If the house has not been delivered in accordance with the state of this report, the caretaker will ensure that the house will still be delivered in good condition at the expense of the then tenant. The house will then be ready and can be reoccupied by a new tenant. Of course we will do our utmost to find a new tenant for you in the near future.

Status check of the property

The manager puts all its management contracts on the agenda at the end date, and contacts the tenant at an early stage. This in order to be there as early as possible and to determine the moment when the property will be available for rent again. This way the chance of vacancy is reduced and we have plenty of time to find a suitable tenant for you again.

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